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AimcoR Group

Proactive Relationships for Transformation

Proactive Relationships for Transformation

AimcoR group is a national Insurance Marketing Organization that distributes and services insurance and retirement products through a variety of platforms. We enjoy a unique business model that places emphasis on forging and maintaining the right relationships with the intent of transforming the success of all parties. How? Through a system oriented towards partnership, ownership, and long-term sustainability. In the industry as a whole, we strive to be a proactive, not reactive, force in shaping the future.

Our Founding and Future Goals

AimcoR Group is the result of a well-orchestrated, strategic merger between Aimco and RGroup that occurred in January 2011. We have grown by double digits since our inception and have plans to continue to do so for many years to come. This plan employs short-, mid-, and long-term strategies that support and expand our stronghold in the independent producer space and also incorporate business-to-business capabilities. Our focus on alternative and creative means of distribution through P&C firms, FMOs, and CPAs enhances our direct-to-consumer avenues to keep up with marketing and technology trends.

Much of our value, however, comes from our members. Our members are a team, and as such, we work together to build something new and different in our industry. We are proud to say that AimcoR Group Members have a long-term vision and embrace equity membership in an exclusive IMO relationship. As with any important business investment, our members take the growth of their own individual organizations and that of AimcoR Group as a whole with gravity. Members are committed to placing business through our core carriers and willing to share time, money, knowledge, pain points, and success stories with fellow members. This open and companionate environment enhances the success of the group, the success of our carrier partners, and creates a healthy and sustainable model for the future.

Neither Georgetown Financial Group nor Cetera Advisors Networks LLC are affiliated with or endorsed by AimcoR Group.